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Frame glass curtain wall related knowledge
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Glass curtain wall is a common method to decorate modern buildings, which has become a prominent feature in the era of modern high-rise buildings. With the development of technology, a kind of glass curtain wall with hidden frame appeared. Then what is the hidden frame glass curtain wall, hidden frame glass curtain wall classification and characteristics of what? Below please steel trade mall network for you to introduce.

The concealed glass curtain wall is made of glass sealed with a silicone structure and glued to the aluminum frame, in most cases without metal connectors. Therefore, the aluminum frame is completely concealed behind the glass, forming a large area of full glass mirror. Glass curtain wall is divided into integral glass curtain wall and separated glass curtain wall:

(1) integral hidden frame glass curtain wall this is the earliest generation of hidden frame glass curtain wall. The glass of this curtain wall is directly fixed and bonded to the frame of aluminum alloy structure of the curtain wall by silicone sealant. When installing the glass, it is necessary to fix the glass position on the frame of the curtain wall with an auxiliary fixing device, and then glue it. When the sealant solidifies and can withstand the load, the auxiliary device can be removed. The security of this kind of curtain wall, reliability is poorer, and change glass extremely difficult, already was used in the vitreous curtain wall of large area rarely nowadays.

(2) separated hidden frame glass curtain wall the separated hidden frame glass curtain wall is to fix the glass on a secondary frame by means of structural assembly, so that the secondary frame and the glass form a structural component, and then fix the structural component on the main frame by means of bolts. This kind installs vitreous means to go up because of structural glass component again on advocate frame fixed method is different and cent is: embedded type, outside buckle type, external hang installs fixed type inside, external hang installs fixed type to wait a moment.

Above introduced what is the hidden frame glass curtain wall, and hidden frame glass curtain wall classification and characteristics, I hope to help you.

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