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What are the advantages of steel structure
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Steel structure and other construction, in use, design, construction and comprehensive economic advantages, low cost, can be moved at any time.

1. Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure residential buildings can better meet the requirements of flexible division of large rooms in buildings, and can improve the area utilization rate by reducing the cross-section area of columns and using light wall panels, and increase the effective use area of indoor area by about 6%.

Ii. Good energy saving effect. The wall adopts light and energy-saving standardized c-shaped steel, square steel and sandwich board, with good thermal insulation performance and seismic resistance. Energy saving 50%,

Third, the steel structure system used in residential buildings can give full play to the ductility of steel structure, plastic deformation ability, has excellent seismic wind resistance performance, greatly improve the safety and reliability of residential. Especially in the case of earthquake, typhoon disaster, steel structure can avoid building collapse damage.

4. The total weight of the building is light, and the self-weight of the steel structure residential system is light, about half of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the foundation cost.

Five, construction speed, construction period than the traditional housing system at least one third shorter, a 1000 square meters only 20 days, five workers can be completed.

Good environmental protection effect. Steel structure residential construction greatly reduced the amount of sand, stone, ash, the materials used are mainly green, 100% recycled or degraded materials, in the demolition of the building, most of the materials can be reused or degraded, will not cause garbage.

Flexible and plentiful. Large open room design, indoor space can be divided into multiple schemes, to meet the different needs of users.

Meet the requirements of housing industrialization and sustainable development. Steel structure is suitable for mass production, high degree of industrialization, and can be energy saving, waterproof, heat insulation, doors and Windows and other advanced finished products set in one, complete application, design, production, construction integration, improve the level of the construction industry.

Compared with ordinary reinforced concrete structure, steel structure has the advantages of homogeneity, high strength, fast construction speed, good seismic resistance and high recovery rate, and the strength and elastic modulus of steel is many times higher than that of masonry and concrete. Therefore, under the same load condition, the quality of steel members is light. From the destroyed aspect, the steel structure is in advance has the big deformation to forecast, belongs to the ductility to destroy the structure, can discover the danger beforehand, thus avoids.

The steel structure workshop has the advantages of light weight, saving foundation, less materials, low cost, short construction period, large span, safe and reliable, beautiful shape, stable structure and so on. Steel structure workshop is widely used in large-span industrial workshop, warehouse, cold storage, high-rise buildings, office buildings, multi-storey parking garage and residential buildings and other construction industries.

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