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Fabrication of steel structure
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The steel structure of the equipment is similar to the precision steel structure in the processing and production, between the ordinary structural parts (not high requirements for processing) and precision mechanical processing (more sophisticated requirements for processing), using welding or bolted connection.

At the same time, the types of steel structure mainly include: the frame structure for the workshop, the frame structure for the multi-high-rise building, the frame shear wall structure, the frame cylinder structure, the flat grid structure for the large space and the curved roof net filling structure and so on. Different functions of the building lead to different structural forms. The design of steel structure shall be in accordance with the national technical specifications, so as to achieve advanced technology, economic and reasonable, safe and practical, and ensure quality. Therefore, attention should be paid to the following requirements in structural design and production:

1. First, according to the functional requirements of the building, the corresponding reasonable structural system should be adopted. Achieve advanced technology, innovative structure, to achieve the perfect unity of architecture and structure.

2. Steel structure (except containers) is mainly composed of bars, so the size of bars should be modular and standardized as much as possible, which is convenient for mechanized manufacturing, transportation, installation and productivity improvement.

3. Adopt high-efficiency steel with high economic indicators.

4. The joints of the steel structure are of vital importance. Appropriate connection mode should be adopted. In the past, most of the structural damage occurred at the nodes, so the nodes should be carefully designed and constructed, and advanced and reliable connection methods should be adopted.

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