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Technical guarantee measures of steel structure workshop engineering
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Technical guarantee measures of steel structure workshop engineering

In order to ensure that the fabrication and installation of your steel structure meet the established standards, the following measures are hereby formulated:

1, in strict accordance with the "steel structure engineering construction and acceptance code" gb50205-2001 provisions of the material, line, material, group, welding technical requirements for the steel structure production, hoisting.

2, roof support, steel beam roof beam and other components according to 1:1 lofting, blanking, and considering the contraction of the weld.

3. H-shaped steel group vertical welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, h-shaped steel rectification machine, leveller and other equipment are used for processing, welding and rectification of h-shaped steel group.

4. The friction contact surface of components shall be constructed in accordance with the reasonable construction process. After treatment, the friction surface of components shall not be painted or defaced. The friction coefficient test adopts bolt specimen. The friction treatment, material, high-strength bolt and component are the same, and the friction coefficient is 0.45.

5. The bolt connection hole shall be drilled by CNC drilling machine and its pass rate shall be checked.

6. Pre-assembly of components before leaving the factory, and record the assembly.

7. Hoist steel column and other vertical long-shaped members with the lifting point at 2/3 of the column length. Hoisting roof truss beam and other components, the lifting point is set at equal distance from the key position.

8. Pay attention to the influence of wind force, sunshine temperature and temperature difference during alignment correction of steel column. Therefore, no correction shall be made when the wind force exceeds level 5. Install or reinforce the side beams of the corrected columns immediately. Calibration should be carried out in the morning or when the sun is cooler and in the environment.

9, the production of glass commissioned professional glass manufacturers production and processing. The production of glass shall be in accordance with the current national standards and specifications, and the owner shall confirm the product samples, and provide relevant test reports and supporting documents.

Before the installation of steel structure, the foundation shall be retested to ensure that it meets the installation requirements. During the installation of steel structure, the measurement and correction shall be carried out and the error shall be controlled within the allowed range.

11. Carry out a comprehensive self-correction and self-inspection in accordance with the installation manual and acceptance standards to prevent errors in the work. The quality inspector should make a detailed inspection and record of the work every day, and check the quality together with the owner's representative and on-site project supervisor.

12. Check the material and quality guarantee of the steel. The quality guarantee shall mainly pay attention to the data of yield point, cold bending, room temperature impact and carbon content.

13. Self-inspection and mutual inspection shall be carried out in the process of steel structure fabrication, and special inspection shall be carried out in strict accordance with the steel structure engineering quality inspection and evaluation standard gb50211-95.

18, h-shaped steel plate butt weld inspection, to meet the second-grade weld quality standards.

19. Code for construction and acceptance of steel structure: pay attention to the protection of finished product paint and deformation during transportation. The components are tied firmly, and the binding place is protected by rubber pad to avoid damage of ring paint. And according to the shape of transport vehicles, components of the production of supporting transport frame to prevent deformation.

20. Check the matching conditions of the column foundation axis, the column foot bolts and the bolt holes on the column bottom plate before lifting.

21. After hoisting the steel column, the surveyor shall timely measure, correct and prepare for hoisting the roof truss beam.

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