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Service advantages

▶ 01 The good faith

Keep the contract heavy reputation, 24 years of experience in the construction industry.

The company has been rated AAA credit enterprises, and the first through the ISO9001 quality system certification.

Steel structure engineering professional contracting class 1, can undertake all kinds of steel structure engineering (including grid frame, light and heavy steel structure engineering, pipe truss, membrane structure) production and installation, construction general contracting grade 3 qualification, curtain wall engineering contracting grade 2 qualification, building curtain wall engineering design special grade b qualification.

▶ 02 The quality

Own quality control department, layer upon layer process control, ensure the quality of shipment.

With advanced production technology equipment, test equipment, all kinds of advanced processing, testing equipment and other advanced production equipment at home and abroad.

Adopt advanced electronic testing methods to ensure product quality; Raw material detection through the analysis of raw material components, the content of each element; Design part through the designer to design engineer to design director, layers of approval.

▶ 03 Professional

Senior professional construction team and design department can put forward reasonable opinions and complete the design plan according to the actual construction characteristics of customers.

There are 3 Registered Architects and 25 professional design teams.

Keep up with The Times, apply high and new technology to serve the steel structure industry, such as assembly steel structure, application of project management mode in large-scale construction, application of big data in business platform, etc.

▶ 04 Service

Have an independent after-sales team, customer service staff 7*24 hours for you

Enterprises have no loans, strong ability to perform contracts, strong production capacity and after-sales support, quality and quantity of the project on time.

The annual design capacity is 20,000 tons; in recent years, the actual annual production tasks are 40,000 tons, 2 production lines of welded H-section steel; 2 production lines of steel pipe columns; 1 production line of pipe truss; 3 production lines of rust removal and painting; and the equipment on the production line is complete and the maintenance is perfect.