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●Deep design capability

1. Design institution: professional curtain wall design department, class b design qualification.

2. A total of 1 registered structural engineer;

3. The company has a full-time deepening design department with about 25 professional deepening design staff;

4. Software for in-depth design: PKPM series of China construction research institute; Spatial steel structure calculation and analysis software of tongji university. Zhejiang university space grid design software SFCAD;

5. Master and application of new technologies: the promotion and application of overseas business platforms are being carried out. Some employees have received professional SPA knowledge training and are ready to implement the company's big data architecture and data collection.

Production capacity

1. Capacity: designed capacity of 20000 tons per year; In recent years, the actual annual completion of production tasks of about 40,000 tons.

2. Raw material procurement: a. B. Semi-finished steel tube supply: cooperative steel tube and tube factory, ordering by order (semi-finished steel tube non-short straight joint pipe).

3, the workshop area: factory covers an area of 18560 ㎡, independent plant 3, 10800 ㎡. Raw materials warehouse 3600 ㎡. The finished steel members area 3500 ㎡.

4. Production line: 2 welding h-beam production lines; 2 steel pipe column production lines; 1 pipe truss production line; Three rust removal and coating production lines; The production line is well equipped and well maintained.

5. Front-line workers: about 200 employees.

6. Safe and civilized production:

Clear boundaries between production and non-production zones in the factory; Production line does not know fluent, independent working position; Garbage stacking centralized, clean and tidy site; Full-time security officers patrol the scene. The safety publicity, warning signs and signs are obvious in the factory.

Geographical environment and transportation capacity

The company is located in quanshan economic development zone, the main traffic arteries, open roads, good geographical environment. Transportation is mainly highway transportation; The transportation distance is about 2000KM.

Other special skills

In addition to the steel structure of multi-storey and high-rise buildings, there are light and heavy steel structure factories, large-span stadiums and gymnasiums, space structure, membrane structure, glass curtain wall, steel structure houses and so on.